Language in Group

We use iPads and Apple technology in our award winning English courses in Dublin, London and Totnes, which are designed to help you at school, university, at work or in your social life. Our expert teachers, innovative methodology, modern facilities and unique classrooms are all designed with one thing in mind; to help you reach your goals in English – and that’s a guarantee


Our Locations

Choose from the friendliest people in the world in Dublin, the world’s most exciting city in London or choose to fall in love with the magical town of Totnes

Our Popular English Courses

Our English courses are some of the most unique and exciting courses in the world. Most courses start every Monday and 99.03% of our English students would recommend us to their friends. Our Cultural Experience Course won a British Council Prize for innovation in English Language Teaching. Read more about the awards here.

Our job is to help you make progress and to work with you so that you can achieve your own individual goals. Each week you will have a tutorial with a teacher, which is a chance to review what you are studying and monitor your progress. We help you set realistic targets and give constant advice on your learning. In your last week at the school you will have an “exit interview” where you teacher will help you plan how you can continue learning English when you return to your country.

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Accommodation Options

Choose a residence or shared house for independent living or the unique experience of a local homestay - all options have been carefully selected to ensure your comfort, safety and wellbeing.

Your Free Time

Your learning does not stop in the classroom. Each Language in Group location offers wonderful and interesting opportunities to get to know the local culture. This is why we organise a minimum of three extra activities every week, so you can discover lots of new things while making friends with the other students. Many of these activities are free and range from cultural visits to sport and picnics in the park. Each school has a social organiser, who selects activities that our students tell us they want to do and which include local events and festivals.

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